Posted by: Teresa | November 22, 2010

Hey world, it’s me…Teresa

Afternoon Tea at the Fairmont Empress, just the two of us.


Remember me? Maybe you recognize the name from some long ago tweet or mention somewhere in cyberverse, but I am in fact still alive.

update on me: Working full-time split shifts (7 – 8 hrs over a 12 hr period) kinda destroyed my life. I’m in the process of separating from my husband, I rarely see my daughter (now 3) and I can’t actually afford a 2 bedroom for her and I so if I move out now I won’t have shared custody. If I don’t find another job I won’t have shared custody either because full-time splits isn’t conducive to  raising a child.

I’ve had the same 2 short stories on the back burner for months now. I like them and will be polishing them up as soon as I can to send to market. I miss the submissions game.

I’m going to school p/t and working toward changing my career in the next few years. I’m taking Medical Terminology at the moment as a prerequisite for the Hospital Unit Clerk program here. I need a job where I can rely on the shifts offered and the pay is livable. Currently, my pay is alright but my shifts are ridiculous. I just finished taking my GED as well. Seven and a half hours of testing over 24 hrs. My brain nearly melted but I think I passed. I’m maintaining a testing average of 100% in Medical Terminology which feels good. The one and only advantage to my shifts is all the study time I get in between.

I’m teaching myself to knit which is getting me through some stressful times. I’m still crocheting, of course, but needed a challenge and want to learn how to make sweaters. So far I’ve knit my daughter a scarf and hat, and am almost done a pair of throw-pillow cases for her. I’ll make myself a scarf soon too.

So yes, the big news is the demise of marriage number 2. It was my initiative and not an easy decision to make but once I realized where the relationship was going (nowhere fast) I knew what I had to do. So my couch has become my bed and I spend more time than most at Tim Hortons as a way to escape the constant fighting. There are days where I don’t see my laptop at all. I have a blackberry now so once I get learned on all this mobility stuff I should be better at being awesome.

I sure have missed all my friend’s blogs, stories, triumphs and status updates. I get what I can when I can but it just makes me realize all the more of how much I’ve been missing.

So until I am offered a unit in subsidized housing and my job changes (both applications pending!) my presence will be scant but it’s not you it’s me and I miss you all. Very much.




  1. oh, t. we miss you too. hugs n loves.

  2. Good luck – hope to see you back soon.

  3. I am so sorry. Take care of yourself. We’ll still be here. 🙂

  4. need new blog post for the new year. 2011 calls to you.

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