Posted by: Teresa | February 17, 2010

February funhouse

All these things and more.

I can’t believe how long it has been between posts.  My daughter has given up napping and taken that time slot away from me.  *sigh*

So much has happened.  DecomP launched the new site and it is sexy wexy.  Love it, love it hard.

I’m still dying to get Cynthia Reeser‘s Light and Trials of Light in my mailbox.  I refuse to read Mel Bosworth’s review of it until I get a chance to fall in love with it all on my own.

Have I raved about Dodging Traffic, by J. Bradley and Congratulations – There’s No Last Place If Everyone Is Dead, by Matthew DeBenedictis yet?  No?  Let me explain.  I suck at keeping on top of other cool writer’s and their genius.  Dodging Traffic is a poetry chapbook that will make you want to coil yourself around your lover like a python.  No lover?  You’ll be prowling for one before you put the book in it’s rightful place.  On your nightstand.  My only complaint?  It’s hard to hold open with one hand.   Congratulations, is a great read that I’m sure to read several times more and will share with select few friends.  Love the graphics as well.  I’m a sucker for comic style artwork.  I wanted MORE.  I always want more DeBenedictis.   There are only 50 copies and mine was #21 so you best be getting on it.

Next on my list is How To Take Yourself Apart How to Make Yourself Anew by Aaron Burch put out by PANK Magazine.  I like the size and style of this book and think that more indie publishers should adopt unique styles the way PANK does.  I’ll read it soon and tell you how much I loved it then.  I have no doubt that it’s an inspiration.   I trust PANK that much.

As for me.  I had Last Visit to the Toy Store reprinted at Short Story Library, thank you Casey for all your hard work on that.

Lonely Street is at Handwritten Anastomoo and I encourage you to read the other pieces there.  And note my superior penmanship. 🙂 Thanks to Jesse for having this fun project up.

Nanoism finally accepted me and published a little something of mine today.  Thank you Ben.

I always say that I will try harder at posting on my blog and I’m saying it again.  It’s not you, it’s me.



  1. uber congrats, t. and it’s great to see you back on the blog horse. ride that horse more often, will ya? it likes to be ridden. like a horse. or something.

    • Thanks Mel. I’m back in the saddle again?

  2. Congratulations, T. I know how tough it is with kids and carving time to be creative. Count each victory, be it one a year! It is more than most will ever do.

    • Thanks Jen.

  3. “It’s hard to hold open with one hand. ”

    Best review of Dodging Traffic ever 🙂

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