Posted by: Teresa | December 31, 2009

It comes in waves

The one-week throw blanket.

It seems like I’ve been laying dormant lately.  Christmas had me in a crochet frenzy as I finished up all the gifts.  No two scarves are the same but the placemats match perfectly.

Writing has taken a back seat snooze as I prepare for the New Year.  Looking back I realize that this really was my year.  I had my first story’s published,  started blogging and networking.  I even did some editing at PicFic which was a fantastic experience.  If I could go back a year and say all this to my younger self I would get bitch slapped so fast. “Watch yo’ mouth!”

Despite my recent inactivity on the writing front I have had some stories find lovely homes.  Test Day is out in Boston Literary Magazine, Because You Only Turn 27 Once re-prints in Target Audience after debuting in Negative Suck this month!  Blanket of Ivory found a perfect home at Prick of the Spindle.  You may recall that this story was almost in a Vanity Press before I realized what was going on and  pulled it.

Nevermind diamonds. Afghans say forever!

A perfect finish to a great year, but by far the best thing to happen to me this year has been making many wonderful connections with other writers through Twitter/Facebook/ and reading each other.   This truly is a great time to be a writer.  It may be a lonely job but we’re all just a couple clicks away from each other and, somehow, that feels good.

Detail on baby blanket for my niece.



  1. “We’re all just a couple of clicks away.” That feels really good to me too, Teresa. Congratulations on a great year (and the crochet!)

    • Thanks Ethel, good to see you!

  2. “…just a couple of clicks away.” Wow, that’s an awesome thing, isn’t it?

    Happy New Year, T!

    • Happy New Year to you as well, Don. You’re one of my favourite new friends and I thank the mighty Twitter forces which united us. 🙂

  3. Did you Crochet those? They are amazing! You are going to have to tell me your story of getting some stories published. I don’t even know where to begin. I am in Awe.

    • Yes, I made those. I’m currently working on a bag made with woven crocheted strips. I’ll be posting a pic of this for sure! We should have tea sometime this month and I can help you get started on your path to publication. I’d love to see your work. 🙂

  4. niceness and congratsness, t.

    • thanksness?


  6. I realize this is stupidly late, but I love the niece’s octagonal afghan. Just had to say that.

    I keep intending to learn to crochet, but not doing it. (Maybe after the words “fall” and “issue” are bearing down from overhead, scaring me daily.)

    I’m pretty bad-ass with some plastic canvas skillz, but nobody wants to sleep with that. 🙂

    • Never too late Tracy! Thanks for the comment. I haven’t been crocheting much lately due to having no time for any sort of life but one day soon I hope. I hope.

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