Posted by: Teresa | December 1, 2009

Dear Editors


I’m always seeing tweets from editors that I love, telling us writers about our awesome submission errors.  Honestly, I think some of these are a riot.  But, here’s my beef for almost all the editors out there sending me kind rejections.  If it truly sucks TELL ME SO!  Sometimes I get so into an idea for a story but the story goes somewhere else and I end up submitting it anyway and I get HEAPS of very kind, gentle rejections.  I’ve briefly worn the editor hat and now I know that so many times when a story just plain sucks you say something nice.  GAH!

Write down my name.  If you read a sub from me and you want to save your fellow editors the pain of having to read it as well just say, “Dear Teresa, What the hell were you sniffing when you wrote this?  Seriously, not worth salvaging, don’t send me crap like this again.”  Copy this if you like.  I can take it.

I love when editors give me their honest feedback whether it be good or negative.   I circulated one story around for a while and received many quick rejections.  Some were personal and NICE.  I knew that I liked the story but they weren’t telling me why they weren’t.  One editor finally broke it down for me and it made perfect sense.  I will be re-writing it completely with her remarks in mind and only wish that other editors weren’t so hesitant to be honest with me.

So there you have it.  Teresa Houle likes to be told off.  If my writing stunk up your day, let me know.  It’s better than me just sending it out to other unsuspecting editors.

Issue number 1 (or virgin) of Negative Suck is out and I’m  in it.  I saw xtx in there too.  The story I have in there is also going to be featured in Target Audience next month or so.  There is talk of artwork to accompany the story as well.  Cool.



  1. I love this! So well said. It’s amazing how the really overly sensitive writers can influence the rejections we send as editors, or at least, the ones I send. I always appreciate it when authors ask for feedback in advance, if their work happens to be rejected. I don’t always have time to give it, though, but instead the time is dedicated to helping other authors edit and further develop their work.

    This post made me chuckle; I’ll be tweeting it now. 🙂


    congrats, t. bitty bop!

  3. Thanks Cyn, I realize that most editors do not have the time to personalize rejections at all but the ones that give even semi-personal ones and still sugar-coat it aren’t helping us grow as writers. I LOVE the ones that take that time.

    Mel, what a strange thing to say. 🙂

  4. I like feedback, sometimes. Sometimes I don’t. I suppose I’d prefer to just get butt-hurt occasionally than be a perfect sugar-coated oblivious tween. I suppose.

    Yeah, totally.

  5. Form rejections make me die just a little. I’d rather be told why they personally hate me, my family, and everything I’ve ever loved.

    • Who form rejects you? I’ll hunt them down and beat them with their e-readers. Callous bastards!

  6. I am so thrilled to have you in my mag 🙂

    • I’m glad I made it in on time! I barely squeezed in!

  7. Hi Teresa, I really liked this story…

    • Thanks Eric! I’m happy that you read it.

  8. I agree… just give it straight. I don’t have the balls to submit anything anyway… for those that do, just be honest.

    • You should! Rejection is awesome. Thickens the skin.

  9. SO. TRUE. Rejection makes me hungry, rowr. Most of the time.

    I’m blogstalking you. Beware.

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