Posted by: Teresa | November 26, 2009

Early Retirement

Family hike destination

Family hike destination

Well, big decisions going on in my world.  I have finally realized that my daughter demands more of my time than she used to and my commitment to PicFic was taking what little free time I had.  I haven’t written anything new that I’ve been happy with in a while.  Well, one piece in a month isn’t as productive as I would like to be.

So with much sadness and gratitude I step down from editing PicFic and hand the reins back over to J.S. Graustein.  It was a wonderful learning experience for me.  Wearing the editor glasses is a great way to be a better submitter!

I was able to work with some fantastic writers in my short time there, namely; Nathaniel Tower, Cynthia Reeser, Roxane Gay, David Erlewine, Ben White (the master of the tweet!), Kaolin Fire, and Derek Osborne to name only a few.

It was a humbling experience.

Now I go back to my old ways of crocheting until an idea hits me and writing until my fingers twitch for more yarn.  When my daughter lets me, of course.



  1. hey you, this is a great summary and a very mature decision. i write stuff like this (nowhere near as eloquently, of course) off the cuff, when i’m down on my writing or just burned out. of course, yours sounds quite well thought out and of course your beautiful girl comes first.

    editing is a very very tough process and quite draining. i really really enjoyed working with you and ha ha am so happy you like the new ending. i can’t say how many times i thought about this story the past 6 weeks, unable to “see” a decent ending. it was unbelievable, even laughable at times, but reprsented all the problems i was having from burn out and all the other “life” issues taking away from my writing. you’re one of my favorite people i’ve met this past year and i know we’ll stay in touch as writers. d

    • thanks David,
      editing is draining, I had no idea until I started this. And I was only working on tweet length stories! I can’t imagine how much time goes into flash to full-length writing! Though, tweets are a difficult size for a story. I have a hard time writing them myself.

    • “you’re one of my favorite people i’ve met this past year and i know we’ll stay in touch as writers.” BFF!

  2. right on, t. and write on.

    • I’m trying, Mel. I’m trying.

  3. the correct decision T. There will be time, later.

    • true, it took me a while to realize it though. I’m the kind of person that wants it all NOW!

  4. bff! you know it!

  5. Master of Tweet, oh man. I think I need to get business cards with that job description.

    Thanks for working and supporting and all the hard things that editing is, and now take that energy and spend it in every wonderful way life lets you. At the very least, you’re now free from the shackles of dealing with some of the more colorful characters in the submitting public

    • Thanks Ben! I admire that you push the tweet to the literary level every night and make time in your surely busy schedule to run Nanoism. I don’t know how you do it! *Bows to the master*

  6. I admire your decision. It’s definitely the right way to go, and you will probably feel more at peace now, knowing you’re doing the right thing. That will surely shine through in your writing. I can’t wait to see more of your work up on the web, and, of course, at Fictionaut! It was wonderful working with you while you were at PicFic!

    • Thanks so much for the kind words! I really enjoyed working with the writers. It just meant no time for me. Things have really settled in my life already since completing my service with PicFic. I know I’m going to miss it sometimes. I hope to get more active at the F-naut now too!

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