Posted by: Teresa | November 5, 2009

In PicFic News Today

PicFic‘s inbox has been steadily receiving new names ever since the MSNBC interview with J.S. Graustein, David Erlewine and Robert Swartwood on twitter-based fiction came out .  This is all very exciting.  This week we published two stories by new contributor Jaqueline Saville with a third story by her coming next week.  She is one of the many new voices we are excited to share with you.  Watch for “Welcome to the Fold” tweets on Sundays when we introduce our new contributors.  We have so many new writers that we even have to do a few “Welcome’s” on Wednesdays!

We are booked for Saturday Serials into mid-March and most of our regular stories into January.  BUT, we could still use a couple good Christmas stories if anyone out there has a talent for being jolly.  I’m also still waiting for a special New Year’s Eve story to knock my socks off.

Folded Word has two chapbooks coming out that you just have to get your hands on.  A poetry chapbook by Jessie Carty and a fiction chapbook by Mel Bosworth.   Folded Word is offering hand bound signed editions in both.  How delicious.



  1. excellent, t. eggs-cellent!

  2. Thanks Mel, I like to think that everyone is at the edges of their seats in wonder of what is going on in the world of PicFic today. I hate to disappoint.

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