Posted by: Teresa | November 3, 2009

November Rain

Surrounded by water and beauty.

I love days like these.

Ahhhh…the gray skies unleash the torrents once more!  I can sit inside, guilt-free, and read and write and play.

November decomP is a hit.  Particularly, Bubbles by Dave Clapper and Guns and Gold by John Jodzio.   What am I saying?  The whole magazine is worth your time.

I just finished the first installment of my Descant subscription, the summer 09 issue.  It’s fat and good and I wish I could share it with more of you.  Between the amazing stories and thoughtful art I could barely contain my glee.  I am about the start the fall issue which is a poetry issue, I’ll likely read it and send it along to a poet who might appreciate it more than I can.  Let me know if you would like it mailed to you.

Also started Scorch Atlas by Blake Butler.  So far I’m digging it.  Love the book design and feel of the paper which greatly adds to the experience of his collection.

Prairie Fire has a contest due at the end of the month I’m going to get in on.  The $31 fee gets you a one-year subscription.  Worth it to me.  When you don’t see me on Twitter this month it’s because I’m doing my own personal NaNoWrMo this November for Prairie Fire.

I crocheted a throw blanket in a week.  Just to see if I could.



  1. very very nice. this place is like a nice breeze.

  2. Thanks Mel, means a lot!


  4. I’m still trying to figure out why my gravatar hasn’t changed. I reset it but my Lenore cartoon keeps coming up.
    Thanks for the hair suggestion xtx, I need a new look.

  5. Love the color scheme and pix. Ahhhh, I’m coming back to rest here with a cup of tea.

    • yay! we can finally have tea together.

  6. Lovely, melodic, moody, melancholy! Is Tastey no more?

    • That is correct Jen, I needed a change.

  7. Change is good :).

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